Have you heard of Rubie's, the newest gastronomic adventure of chef
Hakim Chajar?

Imagine, all the culinary mastery and creativity of the renowned chef applied to a great comfort food classic; fried chicken.

The result is a most decadent fried chicken! A wonderfully juicy, organic meat, wrapped in a perfectly crispy, light and gluten-free crust. These tender, perfectly golden pieces can be eaten on their own or in one of the delicious sandwich variations on the menu. To complete the picture, choose from homemade sauces and side dishes that are just as tasty as the chicken itself.

Available from Tuesday to Thursday from 12 to 9 pm and from 12 to 10 pm on Friday and Saturday. You can pick up your meal directly at the restaurant or order online via CHK PLZ, DoorDash, Skip The Dishes or Ubereats.


English Menu